what the heck???? it’s so unfair that i, as a white person,can’t say a word used derogatorily against an entire group of people for centuries, just because i want to sound hip! i mean, didn’t own slaves! it’s not fair to ostracize me like that. i feel oppressed! let me use this racial slur PLEASE! i NEED to be able to use derogatory hate speech in my everyday discourse!!!

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Just tried Turkish Delight for the first time. 

It was good, but not “Sell out my family to the White Queen” good. 

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I have this Really Important headcanon that after the war, Harry takes Grimmauld Place and converts it into a children’s home for Hogwarts students who can’t or shouldn’t or don’t want to go back home for the summer holidays because of Serious Reasons because like. if he hadn’t had to go back to the dursleys every summer. if tom riddle had been able to stay at hogwarts all year instead of returning to his horrible life. if beaten down, neglected, destitute, depressed, miserable kids who see hogwarts as A Way Out could just be removed from those toxic melancholy destructive environments even more permanently

He calls it the R.J. Lupin House and takes volunteers from both the existing Hogwarts staff and the general Hogwarts-oriented wizarding community for caregivers etc. during the summer months. sometimes there’s summer programming for education or just for funsies and sometimes there isn’t and it’s just a place for kids to live and be themselves as they deserve to be. and Harry holds lil Quidditch matches for the athletic kids and Neville is among the first to volunteer and that’s how he gets his start on the track to becoming a full-blown professor

do you ever cry

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………has this been done before


………has this been done before

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hey friend

ur gonna be okay

go put some PJ’s in the dryer, take a long shower, put on ur warm jammies, and crawl into bed with some tea and a good book

because you are gonna be okay

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andrew garfield and emma stone ENGAGED I HAVE WAITED 132 moonsS for this

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why is everything turning to shit